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Brake controller question<URGENT>

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17 Inch Wheels

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Post Fri Aug 24, 2007 12:35 am

should have bought a chevy what?
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Post Fri Aug 24, 2007 7:53 am

avenge this wrote:Well i re read what u wrote again. U had to hook 2 wires up to the 7 pin plug for the brakes? I only hooked one wire into the 7 pin so i have a total of 5 wires goin into that. I bought a 4 way plug and wired that into the 7 pin, then jumped the wire that i thought was for the trailer brakes at the back of the truck into the 7 pin. So maybe im missing a wire and thats whats doin it? I dont know anymore im gonna end up saying screw it again and just take the truck and trailer to the place i bought the trialer and let them deal with it when i get back.

Why the hell do they even sell fullsize trucks with out a tow package???

I guess i was just thinking all the wires would be there for it. Im gonna try unpluging the controller tommorow and plug it into another truck if it gets to the shop before i leave and see what happens. Who the hell knows

They sell trucks w/o tow packages because it makes them more $$$.

i'm 99% sure thats your problem. you cant "jump" that wire. the 2 wires you need for electric brakes, 1 is 12+ constant & the other 1 is 12+ trigger wire.

brake controller wires color -> truck harness wire color
black ->brown w/ red stripe
blue -> green w/ red stripe
red -> white w/ brown stripe
white -> black

the bolded wires are the ones you have to extend to the bumper. Like I said, I spliced into the green w/ red stripe & the white w/ brown stripe, down by the driverside front body mount & ran them back along the frame rail.

So at the bumper you should have:

red - elec brake
blue - elec brake
green - lights
white - lights
yellow - lights
black or brown - lights
probably purple - aux (not required)
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Stock Floored
Stock Floored

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Post Fri Aug 24, 2007 1:46 pm

Alrite i figured it out finally. I ran a wire from inside the truck out to the bumper for the trailer brakes. Hooked it to the blue wire on the brake controller and then into the elc brake terminal on the 7 pin plug. Changed a couple fuses and wa la. They worked.

Thanks a lot adam for all the help. I hate wiring with a pasion. If i catch ya this weekend let me buy ya a beer.

And to everyone else. All you guys were right. The spare wire i connected to behind the bumper was for the electric brakes. Its a spare brake light wire for a third brake light or whatever you would want to hook up to it. So thank you guys too
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