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S10 SD control arms installed, feel like binding with lift

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S10 SD control arms installed, feel like binding with lift

I installed the SD upper and lower arms on my 2001 S10 recently, and im having some small issues i want to take care of before i go to get it aligned. Also i installed dominator 2500 bags with the 2in upper cups.

1. Is there a set torque spec to have the lower bolts at and the ones for the cross shafts (not the nuts to hold the shims)
When i go to lift the truck it laggs when lifting. I have 1/2 valves and 5/8 line and it fills the bags quick, but the truck doesnt lift like it used to with stock arms.

2. I had 91 hardbody shocks in the front before and those worked great. I used the SD weld in shock mounts, the bottom of the mount is even with the bottom of the frame. Now the shock is too short and wouldnt allow the truck to reach full lift or even untuck a 20in wheel. Does anyone have a suggestion to which shock to switch to or should i just grind out the mounts from the frame and reweld them in lower? I really dont want to do that right now. I was also thinking of getting rear shocks with the bolt hole on each end and measuring them up to the mount, drilling a hole in the mount and running a bolt through that. Will the weight of the front and suspension design contribute to a quick failure on that bolt making it snap?

any suggestions will help, thanks.
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Post Mon Sep 28, 2009 8:16 am

Re: S10 SD control arms installed, feel like binding with lift

1) Theres no torque setting for those bolts, well maybe there is from the factory, but they arnt followed here. You can make those bolts tight as hell and the arms will be fine because youre simply tightening the mount against the inner sleeve or the washer against the cross shaft on the upper arm. It wont make the bushing any tighter because its made to bottom out on the metal. Im not sure if anything is binding, the arms move fairly freely, Id look into the bag mounts. If the upper bag mounts are too short then you wont collapse the bag fully when layed out and that will cause a delay when lifting, not to mention use more pressure.

2) Theres really no shock any shorter that will work well, Id stick with those and move the mounts down. The stock arms have the bolt in the side of the arm, the SD ones hang it below the arm so you can lay out, which of course loses lift if the upper isnt in the right place.

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